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Remote Support is Fast And Easy!

Many Computer Problems
Can Be Solved In Minutes

Without A Costly Visit

To Your Business Site Or Home!
Are you ready for your screen sharing session?

One of our technicians should have supplied you with a Session ID Code, either over the phone or via an email.

Please enter the Code if you have it. If not please call the Help Desk Hotline for futher instructions, at:
1-877-894-4196, Option 2
Get Connected in 3 Easy Steps!

We control your computer as if we were directly in front of your screen!

You can watch as we work, or, attend to other tasks and return when we are done!

Here's How It Works:

Step 1 – Obtain Access To Support Ticket Portal Once you become our customer you will receive a customer ID and credentials to our Support Ticket Portal. The Portal will allow you to create new support tickets (requests for help) and manage your existing ones. You can access the Support Ticket Portal Here:

Click Here For The Help Desk Portal

Step 2 – Open A Support Ticket With Us In order to obtain help you need to create a new support ticket, or, you can work with an existing ticket. Once you have a ticket, and you have established contact with one of our technicians, the technician will provide you with a code. Alternatively, the technician can send you an email with a clickable link to start your session.

Step 3 – Key In Support Code, Or Click Link In Email, To Launch Remote Access Program You can key in your support code in the box on upper right in this screen. When you key in the support code, or click on the link in an email from your technician, the system will begin to download our remote access program. Please follow the prompts to get it installed.  Your technician can guide you through the process is if you are unsure.

Please note: You can turn off the remote access program whenever you want, or completely remove it. We will only access your computer when you have expressly given us permission to do so.

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